Sun Mountain golf bags

The Sun Mountain Golf Bags are uniquely made for you.   Sun mountain golf bag

True golf enthusiasts understand the importance of having a suitable golf bag.

An appropriate is chosen based on a number of factors.

Most golfers agree that how you intend to move around the course is the most crucial factor when selecting your ideal golf bag.

There are essentially three major categories of golf bags; the golf carry bag, stand bag and golf cart bag.


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The basic role a golf bag is to help you carry your playing equipment and other accessories around the golf course. Armed with the right info, you can choose an amazing golf bag at an incredibly affordable price.

There are several crucial considerations you should make as you select a golfing bag. The first major criterion is weight. Sun Mountain which was founded in 1984 by Rick Reimers has established itself as an industry leader in the production of top quality golfing equipment.

Walking an entire course with a bag loaded with golf clubs, refreshments and other necessities is an arduous affair for either the player or caddie.

Sun Mountain is Designed with Care

Contrary to popular perceptions, golf is physically demanding and requires immense effort along the course. The intense energy needed should therefore be reserved for the game and not hauling an unnecessary amount of weight. Reimers lightweight nylon designs are thus ideal for the sport.

The second major consideration is how you are going to carry your bag along the course. Carry bags are designed to enable a golfer or his caddy to physically carry the bag around the course.

If this is your preference, choose a bag equipped with all the modern trappings such as double straps and a stand to keep your bag of the ground. Ground breaking innovations such as the foldable lightweight speed cart pioneered by Sun Mountain have become instant hits.

Competition rules allow a maximum of fourteen clubs per player. However personal preferences may deem this unnecessary. As you choose your golf bag, select one with compartments commensurate with your needs.

Naturally, fewer clubs mean lesser weight and give you an allowance to carry other necessities such as your phone, ball markers, golf balls and many more. Your unique personal needs are therefore critical as you choose your bag. Customized bags have become a hallmark of Sun

Mountain’s corporate strategy. Custom made Sun Mountain golf bags enable the modern golfer to get precisely what they need.

The material used in making a golf bag as well as the manner in which it was made are important considerations golfers often ignore.

The Golf Bag Lasts Longer

These factors play a major role in the longevity of the bag and overall client satisfaction. If you choose to purchase the cheaper made of low quality synthetic material as opposed to one made of genuine leather, be prepared to visit your sporting goods store sooner rather than later.

Sun Mountain is a globally acclaimed sport equipment manufacturer. The Missoula based firm’s golf bags are designed by a passionate team determined to give golfers the ultimate in terms of convenience, portability and ultimately pure golfing fun!

It is therefore no surprise that Sun Mountain’s bulk of sales come in the form of bags. The company also has a huge presence in both men and women’s outwear through its Eclipse brand. Click Here To View This Golf Bag on Amazon.

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