Samsonite Golf Travel Bag Limited Edition

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This limited edition of samsonite golf travel bag is awesome!     samsonite hardside golf bag

If you truly want to enjoy the game of golf, then the first step to you SHOULD take is to improve your confidence. Here.

Your self-worth is worth more than the swings.

Participating in any Tournament means that you’ve to prepare beforehand – in order to achieve your goal.

The most important features to consider in every golf travel bags is the weight, the durability and convenience.

This plastic lightweight golf bag comes equipped with hard-sided, ABS Travel Cover which provides protection for your gears and golf clubs in air travel.

I’m sure every golf player would love this very feature especially when travelling for a tournament is inevitable.

Samsonite Golf Travel Bag is durable

This review will not be complete if I didn’t share that this bag is durable. It’ll last longer than you can imagine because it’s made of plastic, not with cloths or nylon like other golf bags.

Apart from its durability, it can also accommodate 10.5-inch top golf bags – especially those that have longer 48-inch clubs.

For easy transport, the wheels are multi-directional and it spins like a dual linear skate wheels when you pull it.

It’s time to travel the world worry-free because all Samsonite Hardside Travel bags gives a performance that is fully loaded to capacity and it’s undergone a lot of tests to prove its strength, durability and value.

For close to 100 years, Samsonite has been manufacturing quality travel bags, both for traveling and for cart. It doesn’t matter what you need it for, you can enjoy the convenience of playing golf with the right golf equipment.

Perfect bag for long-haul travel

samsonite-hardside-travel-case-open-wThere are several other bags that can serve your travel needs, but the samsonite golf travel bag gives you extra freedom, because of the solid ABS shell, which bags don’t have.

Except for ogio locker bags that are recommended by golf trainers, you can’t make a mistake getting this bag.

When traveling, the internal compression straps are there aid you keep your bag securely, without rattling with your other valuables.

It’s easy to push and pull and comes with a quilted top with extra padding – to safeguard your club heads from damage.

You may also want to know that this bag has a model number of 68-TB-8 and a shipping weight of 1 pound.

Most customers who left reviews have made 5 oversea travels in a particular year with this bag.

Another recent happy customer sent his success story that the samsonite golf bag fits into his dad’s lexus sedan just fine.

What’s the current price?

No one can correctly answer this question. All you’ve to do is Go to Amazon site and find out where the price have dropped or topped in the past 3 months. Yes, usually, the price of items can fluctuate due to changes in the marketplace.

But all I can say boldly is that for whatever price it is at right now, you can save up to $24 and on top of that, qualify for free shipping.

You can stock a fully loaded bag with shoes and still carry it on this samsonite hardside golf bag. Can you beat this freedom it gives you?

So, stop searching for golf traveling bags and take action on this particular one. Click here to get the current pricing. Discounts Available!



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