RJ Sports EX-350 Cart Bag – Key Features

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So you’re interested in a cart bag?   RJ Sports Ex-350 Cart Bag

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The RJ Sports Cart bag is becoming the favorite for most golf players.

To be honest with you, I haven’t used it before but a close friend of mine just purchased it.

The EX-350 model is truly unique. It has some essential features that are missing in the RJ Women’s Sapphire cart bag.

You should never under-estimate the importance of a quality bag when you’re playing golf.
According to Todd Sones, “properly fitted equipment is powerful enough to have a positive effect in someone’s play.”

One of such golf equipment is the bag.

Even though I’ve not purchased or used any of RJ Sports golf bags before, I’ve asked my friend to share his experience and listed below are the key features you should look out for.

By the way, my favorite pick is the Ogio golf bags, but as time goes by, I’ll definitely give this one a shot because the features are just mind-blowing. Here we go:

An excellent 14 Way Divider Top

Wow, I know that this feature is what every serious golf player who wants a prestigious bag looks out for. Because it can make a whole lot of difference. Also, there are two oversized tubes which are externally built and you can use it for wedge or putter.

The ASIN number is B0099EMGHI and has received a total of 36 honest reviews from customers all over the world who have used it, felt satisfied or disappointed.

You just have to see and read the testimonials for yourself and make your own decision. RJ Sports EX-350 cart bag is made of nylon material and comes in diverse colors: Red, Black, Royal, Silver and Mossy Oak.

Insulated Beverage Compartment

The reason why this is insulated is to keep your drinks cool throughout the day or for the time being as you play your golf.

To be honest with you, my ogio bagdoesn’t have this feature and I only wish the manufactures, OGIO would incorporate this feature into their golf bags.

So you can see there are no best cart bags anywhere. Each one of them has a feature different from the other and what you should be concerned about is the durability, the reliability and whether or not you’d build an honest confidence while using any cart bag or stand bag.

The weight of this RJ Sports cart bag is 7.5 lbs and it also has a 1 Year Warranty from the retail purchase. If you’re not in the United States, this bag can be shipped outside of the U.S.A. and you may have to pay the shipping charges. I think the free shipping is for residents of United States.

So if you decide to purchase the RJ Sports EX-350 Cart Bag today, you’ll save up to $52.06 and may likely qualify for free shipping if you act now.

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