Ogio Velocity Stand Bag – What a Bag?

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Is the ogio velocity stand bag right for you?   ogio sprint stand bag

How do you choose the best golf bag that you can use to carry your clubs, round balls, beverages, mobile phones and other valuables?

It’s important that you take your time to understand the key features of a particular bag.

Among the top bag manufacturers in the world, Ogio International is doing a great job.

Yes, they’ve competitors like the Titleist, Taylormade and Ping, but notwithstanding, you’re still going to get the best ogio velocity stand bag and enjoy what it’s got to offer.

Your golf mental training begins with the equipment you choose.

Don’t be deceived and think that all it takes to perfect your swing is when you take online golf courses.

That may be true to an extent, but what about the mindset of a golf player? Recent studies have revealed that the right clubs, shirts, shot and stand bag can enhance your performance by 103%.

Well, I don’t know how TRUE that is – but I do know that a student who has all her textbooks and studies hard would do well, compared to another lazy student who doesn’t have textbooks.

The ogio velocity stand bag features

Let’s quickly highlight the features you will find in this velocity stand bag from Ogio Int’l.

The O-Shox suspension system works perfectly, and the 9 inch, 6-way UltraLite Performance top gives you the convenience and freedom to explore as you deem fit.

Among the top ogio golf bags, this velocity model weighs 3.3 pounds which means that it’s extremely lightweight. Don’t forget that it’ll make you look like a better golf player, if you’re still in your junior phase.

The water bottle pocket or should I say, the beverage pockets are good and have spaces that can hold your bottle intact, while you stand the bag.

Some of the stand bags you’ll see in pictures will not look exactly like that when you see purchase them.

But this one is not like that. I’m saying all this in all honesty because it was a gift I gave to my Nephew who is just getting started with his first Amateur golf tournaments.

He seems to be enjoying the bag, and once I receive any complaints from him, I’ll not hesitate to report it here. My job as a customer is to guide others who want to buy ogio golf bags, no matter the model.

In all, Ogio International Inc. is a reputable company that manufactures sports luggage, athletic bags, street bike gears, travel bags and of course, their #1 item that they given adequate time when making this ogio velocity stand bag.

You can now understand why the Hydration pocket is great, and the AFS air Flow system tech, which makes it possible for you to carry the bag on your shoulder.

Extended key features of the bag

I’ll be writing the final paragraph for this golf bag reviews, but I wanted to point out that the bag is approximately 8 inch by 7 inch for the interior and oval.

Most carry bags are smaller than this, which is actually a good thing considering how many valuable items a golf player needs to carry along to the course.

With this bag, you can gladly hold 13 clubs and your putter as well. The clubs fit in the slots properly and getting it out is blissful, but don’t force it.

If you don’t want to cause wear and tear on the interior part of the bag, don’t be in a hurry to get your clubs out – be mindful of the edges.

Now, this guideline applies to every item you’ll ever buy for your game. With plenty of rooms; extra pockets at both sides, close to the top and beneath, you can carry your valuables and feel at home while having fun with your game.

What’s the next step?

It’s left for you to decide at this point, whether this particular ogio stand bag is right for you or not. Although, when you visit Amazon store, you may decide to make your choice.

But how much does it cost – at least, you can make your decisions from there? Click Here To See Pricing, Reviews and Discounts at Amazon Store



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