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Which Ogio locker bag is best for you?   ogio locker bag

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Well, that can be a tough question to answer.

But all I can say is that you know your taste, and what exactly you want to actualize with your new gym bag even before you buy now.

Personally, I purchased a locker bag from ogio in 2012, and when Amazon sent it, I fell in love with it almost instantly.

I can’t say that the bag is 100% perfect, because nothing in life is without fault, but it delivered and I never regretted ever buying it.

Let me guide you in making the right buying decisions when it comes to travel bags.

Over the years that I’ve been using ogio backpacks and their golf stand bags, I can boldly say that their products are of standard – but they still need to improve.

Ogio locker bag – Key features

What can you expect from this locker bag?

The first key feature that really struck my mind was the size. I’ve always wanted an affordable bag that can contain all my valuables when I’m on the go. If you love reading like I do, then the side pockets will be ideal for your magazines or racket.

I don’t know whether or not it’s a good hobby, but I always find it extremely difficult to leave home without taking a magazine along.

I might not read it, but I feel a sense of prestige going with one. The bag also has a vented main compartment. With this, you can easily keep your shoes in a safe slot. The size is reasonably okay. It is 5 inches high and 12 inches wide.

I’ve always reviewed Ogio golf bags, and one thing I never forget to mention is that you can save a lot of money when you shop through Amazon.

Trust me, at the time of this reviews, this locker bag has a discount of 13%, which means that you can save up to $9.27 of the total cost which is less than $100.

Front zippered pockets

Excellent. The front zippered pockets are where you can hide/keep your keys safely. If you don’t have a key (just kidding), then what about your wallets and other valuables? Make use of the zippered pockets and never worry about losing your valuables.

A lightweight ogio locker bag, with a shipping weight of 4.8 pounds. The model number is 611031.03 and at the moment, has over 124 verified customer reviews on Amazon.

Does this tell you anything about this item? Of course, it should suggest to you that you’re on your way to making a very good decision.

Gym Locker bags aren’t for people who don’t know the worth and value, it’s for those who wants more convenience, freedom and safety.

The interior volume is spacious enough to contain your hand towel, workout shoes, shorts, shower towels, underwear and I bet you’d still have room left to fit other stuffs.

The extra pop-out in the shoe compartment gives you the total freedom of putting larger shoes, and the extended door is there for your soap, detergent and deodorant containers.

Stop fighting to get your gym bag

Enough of the struggle to get your gym bag into the locker, the ogio locker bag is easy to pull out as well and it lasts for a longer time. In fact, one customer who recently purchased a new gym bag said that his first locker bag lasted for 6 years.

I couldn’t believe it, until another person who bought a new one said that his boyfriend’s own have lasted for 10 solid years.

I’ve no other choice than to trust both. Even if you can enjoy the bag for a fraction of that period of time, would it not gladden your heart?

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