Nike Vapor X Carry Golf Bag – Buyer’s Reviews

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This 8 inch oval top carry bag is a unique one. 

As you already know that Nike is leading the way and producing quality products ranging from Golf bags, Sporting accessories: shoes, vest, jersey and the rest of them

– this particular bag that comes equipped with a 5 way, 2 full length divider system.

And of course, I will not forget the putter well. Among the carry bags for your golfing needs, Nike Vapor is lightweight and durable.

The weight is less than 4 pounds and the enjoyment you’ll derive from having this bag is second to none.

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Nike Air Curved Double Strap

I love this feature and so does other customers from United States and Canada. You see, th double strap system works seamlessly with the ventilated die cut air mesh with a back pad unit. The functional pockets are 6 in number. 5 of them are zippered while the remaining one isn’t.

You’ll also see the waterproof fleece pocket which is so valuable in case you want to carry an item that is perishable or doesn’t go well with water (moist).

The full length stretch fit apparel and pocketed gloves is a feature that every golf bag should have. Because of the nature of golf players and their individual needs, you also get the water bottle sleeve and for an additional storage of your items, the stretch fit pocket is there to support you.

Why Nike Vapor X Carry Golf Bag?

We’ve carefully reviewed several ogio travel golf bags in the past few weeks, but the major reason why I recommend the Nike over other brands except Ogio is because of its flexibility.

Yes, when you own this bag, you can literally do a lot with it and the positive mind set it’d create for you would enhance your swings and putt if that’s what you desire. The integrated GPS loop, pen sleeve and glove patch are additional & vital dividends of getting this Nike vapor bag.

And for traction purposes, you’ll discover that the dual injected lightweight TPR key feature is there to support you. As a golf player, whether experienced or a beginner, you can’t ignore the fact that a custom grip leg and caps and the lightweight aluminum hardware coupled with the rain hood which matches the exact color of the bag is encouraging.

Awesome Styling and Lightweight bag

Most golf players are always on the search for a lightweight golf bag, which is styled to their taste. Well, maybe your endless quest for it is over. Because the Nike vapor X golf bag is where you find a special cubby for your putter. The insulated pocket is for your beverages, which I’m sure you don’t want to do without.

The shoulder straps are of high quality. The price online is actually half of the price in stores across your neighborhood. So you’ll have to make the right decision right about now. If you’re ready to see real-time customers and what they’ve to say about this carry bag:

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