The Easy Guide for Buying Victorinox Luggage

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Victorinox spectra

So you’re ready to buy your Victorinox luggage?

Not so fast, let me show you some of the features of the bag Victorinox Spectra 29 8-Wheel Travel Case

Whether you are flying to a distant country or going on a road trip, there is nothing better than travelling with secure luggage that you can trust to keep your personal effects safe.

After different experiences with luggage that either gets scratched easily, or zips that snap out and cannot withstand tough handling, one has to be really picky about the type of luggage one buys.

There are several luggage designers out there and I have quite a few; but I am particularly fond of the Victorinox luggage brand and thought writing this review might be helpful for those looking out to purchase quality luggage.


The Pros of Buying a Victorinox Luggage

One of the things that attracted me the most to the Victorinox cute luggage is the stand for long term quality. The Victorinox brand has been around for 130 years and its commitment to quality and innovation can be seen from their vast range of products and customer base all around the world.

Your luggage is very precious and rightly so; it holds your personal belongings, and if you are going to be travelling across the seas and mighty oceans, you better bring a trusted companion along.

1.    Different types and sizes to suit all travel needs: It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling for a day or ten, Victorinox has a product line of different luggage type and size to fit different purposes and customers. You get to take your pick.

There are basically three types:


  • Duffels & Totes: these are multi-purpose bags that fit well for everyday use to the gym, or when you need to go spend some time at your holiday apartment. Very chic and handy.


  • Garment Bags: the garment bags are specially made lightweight bags that keeps your clothes wrinkle free and comes with other compartments where you can keep your ipad, and documents. You will find it very useful if you are attending a two-day or three day corporate event because it’s been designed to hold two jackets, two pants and two-shirts – organized and wrinkle-free.
  • Uprights: are made with 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate that are lightweight, water-resistant and built to withstand long haul flights. The Uprights luggage product line come in different colors too and has lots of extra space, to take in more content.

victorinox upright luggage2.    Large Compartment Space: Victorinox bags have many spaces in them that have been optimized to be fully functional and manoeuvrable for easy movement at the airport. No matter your personal effects, you always have a space to keep them.

Some of the luggage range have even be designed to have compartments that fit for special purposes such as a laptop compartment.

large space compactment luggage

3.   Fashion Accessory: If you are big on aesthetics, then the Victorinox luggage line is perfect for you.

From the Victorinox Spectra range, Lexicon Dual-Caster, CH 28 Expandable Wheeled, Hybri-Lite Upright to the Victorinox Luggage Explorer Duffle, Victorinox Luggage Werks Traveller, Victorinox Avolve, Victorinox Almont, there is really no limit to style.

You can easily pass any of this brand’s Luggage for a fashion accessory and it pairs well with your bags and briefcase.

The classic look and the lightweight design makes your travel hassle free and almost effortless as you wheel your luggage from the ticket counter to the baggage claim.

4.    Dual Trolley Handle: the dual trolley handle control allows for superior control and is suitable for easy maneuvering especially when you are in a tight corner and want to change the angle of movement for your trolley so that it rolls sideways.

The aluminum handle system locks into three different positions – 41″ (104 cm), 39″ (99 cm) and 37″ (94 cm) – to accommodate travelers of various heights and adjusts when transitioning from pushing the bag on four wheels to pulling it on two wheels.

The handle system also enables you to rest another bag on top and the deluxe comfort grip conforms to the shape of your hand to dampen vibrations while rolling.

dual handle luggage victorinox5.    Attach a Bag Strap: Do you have need for even more extra space? Not to worry, the Victorinox travel luggage comes with a strong, made-to-fit attach a bag strap that be attached to your bag or briefcase.

This makes it really convenient to handle all your luggage with one hand while you use the other to purchase your airline tickets, shake hands at the airport and read a book while you wait on the queue.

It also reduces distractions and keeps all your luggage in one place.

6.    Different Wheel type: This luggage comes with different wheel types to support different luggage size and is perfect for a 360 degree angle movement. The wheels are smooth enough for easy glides and rugged for edgy roads.
wheel luggage

7.    Security: There is nothing more worrisome during baggage checks than the fear of mixing up your luggage with someone else’s. You do not have to worry if you own a Victorinox.

The Victorinox is keen on security and has strengthened their luggage brand with the Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program and Access Lock Combination Recovery Program.

Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program is a free program that reunites you with your bag anywhere in the world in case you lost it somehow. You can also recover your lock combination on with the Access Lock Combination Recovery Program for extra protection.

Your luggage also comes with a Removable ID tag for security and convenience.
victorinox security luggage

8.   Warranty: With a luggage, especially a premium luggage, you definitely don’t want a one year warranty. Victorinox offers a three year warranty on its line of product and a Carry with Confidence warranty.

The Carry with Confidence warranty guarantees that products are free of manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the bag and covers functional damage caused by common carriers.


A Victorinox luggage is definitely worth it but there are other factors to put into consideration before punching in your credit card details.

1.   Price: Victorinox is a luxury brand and are well-known globally. However, as a luxury brand, that makes their product less appealing because of its price tag.

A Victorinox Explorer Duffel can cost between $278 – $279 while a 29” high Victorinox Spectra Luggage can easily cost you from $322.99 – $635.

The cost however depends mostly on the size of the luggage you are going for rather than on quality.

2.   Wheels: I have personally not experienced any problems with the wheels but I have read a review that complained about the wheels falling off after some days of travel.

I wanted to find out if there were more similar complaints on Amazon but didn’t find any except for that one review. That could have happened as a result of several factors such as switching airplanes on long haul flights, or as a result of handling.

Since we are however buying it for the long run, Victorinox should probably look into the wheels. But aside that, the Victorinox is a great investment for a luggage.

3.   Scratch: The hard-cased upright Victorinox stylish luggage as a scratch-resistant matte finish. Still, there is a tendency for your luggage to be scratched after a period of use. It is very possible that you may have begin to notice scratches on your luggage after only a few months of purchasing it.

The extent of scratch and dents is dependent on use and care for the luggage.

There are people who travel long trips all year round and use their luggage more frequently than others. Obviously, when you travel long distance by air or train or road, you can expect to switch planes or buses or trains and moving, throwing or hitting your luggage hard on the ground can cause permanent dents.

I also know a lot of people that buy luggages and don’t care to read the manual on how to take care of their luggage.

Your  luggage may be built to last, but don’t expect it to remain shiny forever especially if you don’t maintain it.

Here’s what others have to say:

duffel luggage

And here’s another one for the Dual-Caster Lightweight Bags

Before spending $400+ on a luggage, you really should read different reviews and when a product as numerous 4-5 star reviews, then they must be doing something right.

What Size Is the Right Size

Good news is, there is no right or wrong size.

A Victorinox Avolve 20” for example is good for packing a 5-day trip while a Victorinox Avolve 30” is good for 5-10 day trips.

If you are particular about space, a CH 28 Expandable Wheeled Upright Luggage will do the magic.

This luggage type apart from the fact that its spacious, also expands by an extra two inches and is perfect for longer expeditions.

And if you are looking for a luggage that combines the best of hardside and softside luggage technology (making the luggage strong while at the same time light and flexible), a Hybri-Lite case is the best way to go.

Where to Purchase a Victorinox Luggage

You can purchase a Victorinox luggage from Amazon and qualify for free shipping and discounts. In case you run into any problems with your purchase, you can contact customer support from their website.

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